Om Kungsholmens International Preschool

We provide care and education for children in ages one to five years old. The preschool has two sections; nursery section for children 1-3 years and a pre-school section for children 4-5 years.

The pre-school has an English language profile. English is our medium of communication but we also provide the children with opportunities to develop their Swedish language and mother tongue through the use of literature, designed educational activities, creative play, songs, theater, events and every day interaction. All activities are conducted in a multicultural spirit through play.
We are committed to a child-centered Swedish National Curriculum for preschools that addresses the needs of international students.

Fundamental values
Our teachers will encourage children interaction, responsibility and respect. Each child’s voice has equal value.

Through play, children get the opportunity to process feelings, perceptions and experiences. Play is important for children’s development and learning.

Language & Communication
The teachers take advantage of the child’s own storytelling. Children are taught to master age-appropriate language skills; speaking and listening skills.

Our children learn through trial and error. They are encouraged to investigate and resolve problems that arise in everyday life. The teachers arrange math play areas which deepen children´s understanding of mathematical concepts.

Creative activities
The teachers arrange imaginary play, song, dance, movement, music and drama activities during which the children can process their thoughts and experiences.

Science & Technology
The teachers help the children to discover and explore natural science and research how the technology works. We utilize many forms of pedagogical documentation of our projects and the learning situations. Children´s personal portfolios follow their development through their years here.
Each group has an age specific learning environment which is designed to encourage and stimulate the development of the children. We also have common areas; art room, library, creative play area, dramatic play area, construction area amongst others where children can interact with other groups of varying ages.
The children are provided outdoor activities every day in our own play yard or in close by woods, fields or parks.

The children
– Learn the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects and engage with their learning so that they remain committed to learning throughout their lives.
– Develop the personal qualities they need to be good citizens and to respond to the changing contexts of their future lives.
– Develop a sense of their own nationality and culture at the same time as developing a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others.

Our values
Our values are based on the Swedish curriculum for the pre-school 98’s fundamental values. The staff shall promote respect for individual’s freedom, integrity, and equality between genders, solidarity, and respect for our shared environment.
We are aware that adults are the children’s primary role models. Our approach should therefore be based on respect for human rights and those duties which apply in a democratic society.
Our preschool provides child care based on the child’s wellbeing and development. No child shall be subjected to discrimination based on gender, ethnic background, religion or other beliefs, sexual orientation among relatives, disability or any other form of degrading treatment.
With the growing movement across the national this creates a cultural diversity in the preschool, which provides children an opportunity to learn respect and appreciation for each other irrespective of one’s background. As an international preschool this is the foundation at our pre-school. We promote intercultural diversity.
The staff shares the view that a conscious use of play promotes each child’s development and learning. ”Play and enjoyment in learning in all its various forms stimulates the imagination, insight, communication and the ability to think symbolically as well as the ability to co-operate and solve problems. Through creative and imaginary games, the child will get opportunities to express and work through their experiences and feelings.

The preschool is connected to the local queue and follow the rules it follows regarding eg termination, the offer of place etc.
Regler för intagning och plats i förskola och pedagogisk omsorg i Stockholm stad