Lek och lär

Play and Learn Philosophy

Kungsholmen International Preschool’s philosophy strive to recognize the daily learning that takes place in a childs life.

Whether a child is putting on their socks, washing their hands, sharing with a friend, climbing stairs, learning to read or doing a mathematics problem, children are learning.

We believe in creating a positive environment where learning is encouraged and supported. We want children at Kungsholmen to acquire the ability, along with joy, of learning. As stated in the Swedish Curriculum for the Preschool, Play is important for the child’s development and learning. Conscious use of play to promote the development and learning of each individual child should be an omnipresent activity in the pre-school.

At Kungsholmen International Preschool we speak English and Swedish and support the child’s total development: cognitive, social-emotional, gross and fine motor, speech and language. All of this is done in connection with Lpfö 98, which is the core of our curriculum and the main focus of our staff, children and parents.